Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Quiet Christmas Eve

I think this is the first Christmas since our children were born that we've been finished with all wrapping of packages before midnight. All of the last-minute shopping was finished by 4PM. It's only 9:45, and all of the gifts are wrapped. Well, the ones that are needed for tomorrow, anyway. Since we celebrate with the different parts of the family on different weekends, we can spread out the preparations, as well.

The forecasters are calling for freezing rain overnight and tomorrow morning, so that could hamper our plans to go see DMIL. Hoping for safe driving conditions so that we can go to Orange.

Wishing everyone a holiday season with the joy of family and friends.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quilt of Valor

Other than a border, I've finished piecing my Quilt of Valor. This one is from Mystery #13 on the QOVMystery Yahoo group. I like the way this turned out. The quilt tester approves, as well.

I started this one Sunday and finished tonight. Pieced while listening to the JMU Dukes WBB team win their fourth and fifth straight games.