Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stash Report - 13 March 2016

I've been sewing some before work on my Summer Daze quilt.  I have all the blocks pieced now.

The only fabric out was for a pillow project with my grandson.  He's been sick with the stomach bug, and I've been taking care of him.  Yesterday he felt well enough to do something other than lay on the couch, so we had our first lesson in the sewing machine.  I had a piece of left-over flannel - blue with robots - that we used to make a pillow.  This is the kid who loves how things work - so he was fascinated with everything about the sewing machine.

I've also been knitting more hats.  Sitting with a sick child gives plenty of time for knitting.  I'm now up to 15 1/2 hats knit this year.

In this week              0       yards
Out this week            0.33 yards

In year to date           9.29  yards
Out year to date       32.75 yards
NET for 2016           23.46 yards OUT

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stash Report - 6 March 2016

I've missed a couple of weeks of stash reports as I've had some busy weekends and not much sewing lately.

This week I did finish cutting out for my next lap quilt out of the Kim Brackett books - this one is Summer Daze.  It's in 30's and white in the book.  Mine is blues and greens, with off-whites as the background.  I bought a 2 1/2" strip pack (14 strips) of off-whites to use for background, and a few FQs to add to my greens and blues.

Numbers for this week:

In this week:             3.67 yards
Out this week:          2.64 yards

In year to date:         9.29 yards
Out year to date:     32.42 yards

Net for 2016:           23.13 yards OUT

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