Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stash report - week 26, 26 June 2011

It's been an interesting week.  Monday had a little sewing - I pulled out the mini Storm at Sea quilt I got as a kit last year on the trip to Indianapolis.  All of the blocks were made, so I started setting them together.  I also did the last-minute errands to get ready for the trip to the zoo with DD and the grandchildren.   Tuesday was the zoo trip.  It was great - even the 1-year-old was fascinated.  A marvelous day!  Wednesday, I finished piecing, and quilted the mini Storm at Sea.  Thursday, I did go buy a quarter yard of purple batik for the binding for my quilt.  I got that bound - even stitched down on the back, so that one is finished!  I also pieced a backing from stash for the spring mystery from Cindy Carter's blog.  I got that quilted, binding made and on - still needs stitching down on the back.  My sewing came to an abrupt halt on Friday, as DD and the grandchildren are here.  Hard to spend time in the sewing room when the 4-year-old wants to know where you are and what you are doing all the time, LOL.

So, I had a productive week.  I did had another stash addition from last Sunday - we went to visit with my parents for Father's Day, and my mom gave me two more bolts of wide backing fabric.  Both of these are cream.  It is helpful not to have to piece backings for large quilts.

My numbers for the week:

In this week:                         13.75 yds (mostly the wide backing)
Used this week:                      2.06 yds

In YTD:                                70.29 yds
Out YTD:                             44.18 yds

Net for 2011:                        26.11 yds IN

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stash report - week 25, 19 Jun 2011

I've had a productive week this week with my two vacation days. 
I made the three pillowcases for the grandchildren.  I finished the binding on my Mexican Cross - it just needs a label, which is printed out.  I finished my Inspiration Round Robin from several years ago - binding/hanging sleeve and label are all attached.  And I made a Jelly Roll Race quilt top (of course, I bought the jelly roll for that this week).

I did make quite a few purchases this week:  fabric for the pillowcases, there are leftovers from that.  Then the jelly roll (actually a Bali Pop), with some 1/2 yds and FQ of batik for my jelly roll quilt, and a honey bun because it was really the type of fabric I wanted and couldn't find in a jelly roll.  That will be turned in to something this coming week.

So my numbers are overall moving in the wrong direction, but I'm pleased with what I got, and am happy with my UFO progress so far this year.

In this week:              13.11 yds
Used this week:           6.17 yds

In YTD:                     56.54 yds
Used YTD:                42.43 yds

Net for 2011:             14.11 yds in

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation progress

So far, I've finished the binding on my Mexican Cross - it still needs a label.  I've made binding and have it machine stitched to the Inspiration Round Robin.  And I've made pillowcases for the grandchildren as souvenirs for our zoo trip next week:

I think today, I'll go to The Little Shop.  I haven't been there in a while.  Yesterday, I went to Rachel's.  She has reduced her fabric inventory significantly, but had some really pretty yarns.  I resisted the temptation to get some sock yarn - I've already got way too much sock yarn sitting around waiting to be made into socks.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am now officially on vacation until the 27th!  I've been lazy this morning.  I got up at my usual time, then have been fooling around on the computer most of the morning.  I took advantage of a sale at - buy 3 months membership, get 1 free.  They have a lot of online video lessons - including a lot of longarm lessons/shows by Pam Clarke, Linda Taylor, and others.  So I've spent part of the morning watching longarm videos.  I want to work on some different background fills, so I'm gathering ideas. 

I only have 1/2 of one side left on the binding of my Mexican Cross.  That will be on the to-do list today - to get that finished and make a label.  I don't usually bother with labels for my quilts, but this one is from a long-ago swap, and I want to include a label.  I may go to Madison to The Little Shop (another quilt shop) to see what they have that is interesting.  I want to get some animal fabric to make pillow cases for the grandchildren to remember the zoo trip.   I also want to find a jelly roll of bright spring prints to try the jelly roll 1600 method.  I'm thinking make the strips as a background, then applique big flowers to it. 

Lots to do today...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stash report - week 24 - 12 June 2011

Some sewing and some shopping this week.  Last Sunday, I did Day 2 of the Neutrals Binge.  Then I pieced the backing and loaded my Inspiration Round Robin.  I finished quilting that today.  I still need to find something for binding for that one - probably a dark navy blue or black. 

Out this week:         3.33 yds
Out YTD:              36.27 yds

In this week:          14.28 yds (ouch)
In YTD:                 43.43 yds

Net for 2011:          7.16 yds IN

I expect to be back in the black by the end of the month - I have a week and a half of vacation coming up and I plan to do a lot of sewing!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stash report - week 23 - 5 June 2011

This week I got the binding made and on for my Mexican Cross, so used a little more than 1/2 yard for that.  Then I went to the LQS for some neutrals to increase my variety.  I want to make more blocks for my Shakespeare in the Park to have it big enough for the bed.  I didn't have the time I expected for sewing yesterday afternoon, because I had to go in to work 3 hours before I had been planning to.....  but no work today, so I'll get in some sewing time.

I haven't decided if I'm going to go to the Quilters Unlimited show in northern VA today or not.  Depends on how caught up in sewing I get this morning.

For the numbers:
In this week:                  4.63 yds
Out this week:                0.56 yds

In YTD:                        29.15 yds
Out YTD:                     32.93 yds
Net for 2011:                 3.78 yds USED

so I still have a new reduction in stash.  I have vacation coming up in a couple of weeks, and expect to do quite a bit of sewing, so the numbers should get better then.  I'm more interested in using fabric than worried about buying fabric, so I'm happy with where I am.
Check with Judy to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UFO number for June

Judy has drawn #8 for June. My #8 is my Shakespeare in the Park. Right now, I have all the blocks made for the twin size that is the way the pattern is presented in the book. I put it away at that point when I decided that I like it well enough to want to put this on my bed. So now I need to cut out and piece a lot more blocks. The good news is I have a week's vacation coming up later this month with only one day committed to something else. It would be really great to have most of the piecing done so this could be quilted that week. If DH really goes out riding somewhere for the weekend, I might get a start on that. Pulling those fabrics will also give me a chance to cut squares for my friend Marianne's ivory charms. That will follow putting the trimming, making the binding and putting it on to finish the Mexican Cross.