Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stash Report - 31 January 2016

Not much sewing here this week.  After a fall on the ice on Monday, I was not able to get around much, and didn't make it in to sew until Saturday.  But yesterday I got the Vintage Star quilt trimmed, and made my binding for it.  That quilt is now finished.  I like how it turned out.

In this week:            0 yds
Used this week:       0.29 yds

In YTD:                   2.5 yds
Used YTD:             18.62 yds

Net for 2016:           16.12 yds

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stash Report - 24 January 2016

More sewing this week.
I finished the top to my Vintage Stars (red/black) quilt, made the backing and everything is loaded on the longarm waiting for me to get started with the quilting.

I also made a baby-quilt size (36 x 48) Simply Woven quilt - this is a quilt-along on the Stashbuster yahoo group.  The blocks were put into a top yesterday.

Also yesterday, I offered to have Paige quilt with me.  Since the design was was up, I pulled out the cupcake blocks from a swap years ago on The Quilting Post.  We put those up on the design wall, and Paige picked out random sashing strips from the 2 1/2" strip bin.  I cut to size, and Paige is doing the sewing and pressing.  We've got all three columns done, and one of the sashing strips between columns attached.  Three more long seams and it's a top.  We'll probably try to get those stitched today, and figure out what to put on for borders.

A good way to spend a snowed-in weekend.

Numbers for the week:

Used this week:             5.08 yds
In this week:                   0 yds

Used year to date:         18.33 yds
In year to date:                2.5 yds
Net used in 2016:          15.83 yds

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Also this week, I've been knitting hats.  I found the Hats for Sailors group.  I like the idea of providing warm knitted hats for our sailors, so have decided this is a project to support.  Hats are such a quick knit when what I've been working on mostly is socks.  So far, I've finished 2 hats, and am about half-way finished a third.  That will probably be completed today while I watch some football.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Stash Report for 17 January 2016

Lake Cabin was bound this week.  And the Jelly Roll Race was quilted, with binding on ready to stitch down to the back.  I'm thinking I want to hand-stitch this binding, so it's still waiting.  Next up has been a new start - Vintage Stars from one of the Kim Brackett quilts.  I did purchase black print for the background for this one, but used 2 1/2" red strips that I cut up from left-over FQs from the hunter's star.  All the blocks are finished for the Vintage star, and am mid-way through assembling the top.

In for the week:               2.5 yds
Out for the week:             8.03 yds

In for 2016:                     2.5 yds
Out for 2016:                  13.25 yes
Net:                                  10.75 yes out

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Stash Report - 10 January 2016

My focus for the year is to use more fabric.  I will control my purchases, but expect to have significant incoming because of transfer of my mother's stash.  I'm off to a good start.

Out for the week:     5.22 yds
In for the week:        0 yds

Out for 2016:           5.22 yes
In for 2016:             0 yds

Net for 2016:           5.22 yes USED

Fabric used was for borders and backing for Lake Cabin.  This one was quilted yesterday, and the plan is to get it trimmed and bound today.  I'd also like to get the next backing put together and get another top loaded on the longarm.

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