Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year-end wrap-up

Well, life took an unexpected turn mid-year, and I haven't done as much quilting (or dancing) as I had originally planned.  But with all that - it's very rewarding (if exhausting) to have my daughter and grandchildren with us.  Children add just joy to life!

Taking stock of the year.
I added to my fabric stash - and that's while I was much more aware of what I was buying.  I guess I must have been accumulating at a much higher rate before I started tracking last year.  But I'm OK, because I used a significant amount, as well. 

I finished 20 projects this year (I have one more at the hand-stitching the binding on the back stage, but don't expect to finish that this evening).  Of those, 11 were UFOs.  I added a few new projects, many of which were actually finished, and some (3) will carry over to next year's UFO list.  I still need to decide on my top-12 to sign up for Judy's UFO challenge.  I think I'll put mostly tops that still need quilting - those are the closest to finished.

All in all, I'm satisfied with where I am with my quilting projects.  I finish some, and I start some, and enjoy what I do.  One goal for 2012 will be to spend time in the sewing room more regularly.   That will help me de-stress and get more accomplished.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stash report - Week 52, 25 December 2011 - Merry Christmas!

A wonderful Christmas morning here.  I had my whole family here with John up from North Carolina.  The children unwrapped presents and have had a good day.  I have lasagna in the oven for dinner for tonight, and homemade rolls ready.  We had homemade cinnamon rolls (Cinnabon clone) for breakfast - YUM!

I've been doing a little bit of stitching this afternoon on the binding on one of the quilts I have sitting here waiting for a finish.  This is the only sewing for the week, so no fabric used, but none bought, either.

Numbers for the last stash report of the year:
In this week:              0  yds
Out this week:           0  yds

In YTD:                   96.72 yds
Out YTD:                60.53 yds
Net for 2011:           36.19 yds added to stash.

Check in with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else has done.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stash report - week 51, 18 December 2011

One more week left in 2011.  This has been a year of changes for us.  With DD and the 3 grandchildren moving in with us, I haven't had much sewing time for the last 6 months, but the time with the grandchildren (and my daughter) has been priceless.

I did do a little sewing yesterday.  The grandchildren are getting a toddler kitchen for Christmas, so I made an apron for the youngest (the other 2 got theirs last year), then made dishtowels and potholders for each of them (toddler size).  That used almost 3/4 yards between them.  I had a little more time, so made binding for the two quilts I quilted last week, and got the machine part of the binding done.  I did start hand stitching the back side of the binding on one of the quilts this morning.

The fabric in is FQs of blacks I picked up Friday - I'm pondering doing Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay mystery, and my stash doesn't have very many blacks.  

Numbers for this week:
In this week:                          2.25 yds
Out this week:                       1.31 yds

In this year:                          96.72 yds
Out this year:                       60.53 yds

Net for 2011:                       36.19 yds ADDED to stash.

There's been a lot of discussion over the last couple of weeks about whether or not folks are doing the stash report next year.  Over the last 2 years I've tracked stash, I've added both years, but am definitely more aware of what I buy.  I've also been mostly focused on finishing UFOs and really think before I start something new.  Of course, if I don't start something new, I'm unlikely to really rack up a lot of fabric use, other than as backings.  I plan to continue tracking, because I've already shifted my mindset about buying fabric - and my storage drawers are full.    I'll also continue to work on finishing UFOs, but plan to make more new starts in 2012 - and try to shop stash first.

Check in with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stash report - 11 December 2011

No report for a couple of weeks because I hadn't done anything.  This week I was busy!  My fabric out is for backs for 2 quilts.  I had Tuesday and Friday as vacation days this week, and got 2 quilts from my UFO stack quilted!  Both still need trimming and binding, but I'm really happy with what I've accomplished this week.  Not sure if I'll have a chance today to get back up into the sewing room to make any binding, but that will go on next week's report if I do.

Added this week:              0 yds
Used this week:           6.03 yds

Added YTD:              94.47 yds
Used YTD:                59.23 yds
Net for 2011:             35.25 yds Added to stash

I'm pleased with my number used, given how life is going this year.  I haven't had as much time to sew as I had thought I would.  I'm hoping to be able to do some more sewing while I'm on vacation around Christmas time.

To see how everyone else is doing, check in with Judy at Patchwork Times.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stash report - 20 November 2011

Nothing in and nothing out of the stash this week.  I bought a couple of FQs yesterday, but they're for a gift, so will go right back out, so won't be counted.

I did get a chance to stitch for a few minutes last night and a few more this afternoon.  I finished my Mittens quilt!  The grandchildren immediately claimed it for cuddling on the family room floor.

I don't know if I'll have a chance to sew at all this week.  Thursday will be spent at the family Thanksgiving gathering, and Friday DD works but the grandchildren will be at home, so I'll have babysitting duty.

Numbers this week:
In this week:                          0      yds
In YTD:                               93.92 yds
Out this week:                        0      yds
Out YTD:                             53.20 yds

Net for 2011:                        40.72 yds ADDED to stash

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stash report - 13 November 2011

No fabric use this week, but I did do some sewing over the last couple of days.  I finished stitching down the binding on my leftover 4-patch posie/9 patch wallhanging.  And I finished 3 sides of the binding on my mittens quilt.  I may have time to finish that binding today, but will be spending most of the day putting on the Dancing with the Stars of the 'Burg show - a fundraiser for the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Child Daycare Center.

So that leaves my totals the same as last week:

Used this week:                 0      yds
Used YTD:                      52.20 yds

In this week:                      0      yds
In YTD:                           93.92 yds

Net for 2011                    40.72 yds added to stash

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stash report - 6 November 2011

Yesterday I quilted my Mittens quilt.  I love the way it turned out!  I used the "Winter White" pantograph (Dave Hudson) - it's snowflakes, but not too dense, so the quilt is still "fluffy".  I pulled left-over binding pieces from my bag and put on a scrappy binding.  It's now waiting for the hand-stitching of the binding to the back.

So numbers for this week:

Added this week:            0      yds
Used this week:              1.89 yds (wide backing for mittens)

Added YTD:                  93.92 yds
Used YTD:                    53.20 yds

Net for 2011:                 40.72 yds added to stash

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stash report - 30 October 2011

Well, I can't quite figure out what week it is anymore, so I won't worry about that part.
Very little sewing going on here - just one evening of hand stitching a few minutes this week.

Last weekend, I didn't do a stash report, so this covers both weeks.  I put borders on my small wallhanging made of leftover blocks last Saturday, and quilted it on Sunday, so that's my "out" for the last couple of weeks.  The grandkids are taking a nap, so I may go up and try to sew on something for a little while this afternoon.

In last 2 weeks:             4.50 yds
Out last 2 weeks:          2.02 yds

In YTD:                       93.92 yds
Out YTD:                    51.31 yds

Net for 2011:               42.61 yds  added to stash. 

Looks like I need to get busy sewing!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stash report - week 43, 16 October 2011

Wow - week 43. This year is certainly going by.  No sewing for me this week.  I had thoughts of getting into the sewing room yesterday, but they didn't pan out. 

This week, the pantograph I ordered for quilting my mittens UFO arrived.  It's snowflakes, and a more open design than some others I saw.  I want this quilt to stay softer, rather than having a lot of thread on it.  I don't know if I'll have a chance to get it loaded today or not.  We've got a trip to the pumpkin patch with the grandchildren planned for today.

My stash numbers for the year stay the same this week:

In this week:              0      yds
Out this week:           0      yds

In YTD                    89.42 yds
Out YTD                 53.74 yds

Net for 2011:           35.68 yds Added to stash

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stash report - week 42, 9 October 2011

I haven't done any stash reports for a  while, so this is a catch-up report.  I ordered Halloween and Christmas fabrics from Z&S when they had their sale in September.  It took a while for them to come in - I think they were overwhelmed with the number of orders they got :>

So last weekend I made 4 Halloween pillowcases - and, of course, two of the grandchildren wanted the same one, so yesterday I made another bat fabric pillowcase.  That's the sum total of my fabric in and out for the last month.

In this report:           16.25 yds
Out this report:         5       yds

In YTD                    89.42 yds
Out YTD                 53.74 yds

Net for 2011:           35.68 yds Added to stash

Check with Judy at PatchworkTimes to see how everyone else is doing. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

stash report - week 37, 11 Sept 2011

I used a little bit of fabric from the stash to work on yesterday's Planet Patchwork Wonderful One-Day Mystery tablerunner.  I did not do all the cutting at once, so I still have some to count for next time I work on this.  Checking my stash report, this is the first entry into my spreadsheet since the end of July!  The only sewing I've done for a month has been things that were already cut out and counted - cupcake swap blocks, putting scrap binding on a quilted block, and the honey bun I counted earlier.

Next week's numbers will show some adds - I poked buttons at Z & S fabrics, who were having a wonderful one-day sale - Halloween and Christmas fabrics for pillowcases for the grandchildren.  I'll count those when they arrive in the mail.

Check out Judy's Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

So for this week's numbers:
In this week:                     0 yds
Used this week                 0.65 yds

In YTD:                          73.17 yds
Out YTD:                       48.74 yds

Net for 2011:                  24.43 yds Added

Sunday, July 31, 2011

stash report - week 31, 31 july 2011

A little in and a little out yesterday.  I just had a few hours, and didn't want to take the time to find my backgrounds for cupcakes, so I bought some more white-on-white and tone-on-tone FQs for the tops.  I've got all the pieces for the swap blocks cut out ready to stitch.

I also worked just a little bit on the binding for the Spring Mystery baby quilt.

So the numbers,
In this week:           2.88 yds
In YTD:                73.17 yds

Out this week:        1.71 yds
Out YTD:             48.08 yds

Net for 2011:        25.08 yds  added

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

stash report - week 29, 17 July 2011

I finally got into the sewing room for a bit yesterday.  I cut some white-on-white to start a Pineapple Blossoms with the honey bun I bought last month.  So far, I have 2 blocks complete, and 2 that only need the final triangles.

Used this week:        1.88 yds
In this week:             0      yds

Used YTD:               46.38 yds
In YTD:                    70.29 yds

Net for 2011:            23.92 yds IN

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stash report - week 27, 3 July 2011

Nothing this week - not a stitch taken, not a fabric cut.

in this week                 0 yds
out this week               0 yds

in YTD                      70.29 yds
out YTD                    44.18 yds

Net for 2011              26.11 yds IN

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stash report - week 26, 26 June 2011

It's been an interesting week.  Monday had a little sewing - I pulled out the mini Storm at Sea quilt I got as a kit last year on the trip to Indianapolis.  All of the blocks were made, so I started setting them together.  I also did the last-minute errands to get ready for the trip to the zoo with DD and the grandchildren.   Tuesday was the zoo trip.  It was great - even the 1-year-old was fascinated.  A marvelous day!  Wednesday, I finished piecing, and quilted the mini Storm at Sea.  Thursday, I did go buy a quarter yard of purple batik for the binding for my quilt.  I got that bound - even stitched down on the back, so that one is finished!  I also pieced a backing from stash for the spring mystery from Cindy Carter's blog.  I got that quilted, binding made and on - still needs stitching down on the back.  My sewing came to an abrupt halt on Friday, as DD and the grandchildren are here.  Hard to spend time in the sewing room when the 4-year-old wants to know where you are and what you are doing all the time, LOL.

So, I had a productive week.  I did had another stash addition from last Sunday - we went to visit with my parents for Father's Day, and my mom gave me two more bolts of wide backing fabric.  Both of these are cream.  It is helpful not to have to piece backings for large quilts.

My numbers for the week:

In this week:                         13.75 yds (mostly the wide backing)
Used this week:                      2.06 yds

In YTD:                                70.29 yds
Out YTD:                             44.18 yds

Net for 2011:                        26.11 yds IN

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stash report - week 25, 19 Jun 2011

I've had a productive week this week with my two vacation days. 
I made the three pillowcases for the grandchildren.  I finished the binding on my Mexican Cross - it just needs a label, which is printed out.  I finished my Inspiration Round Robin from several years ago - binding/hanging sleeve and label are all attached.  And I made a Jelly Roll Race quilt top (of course, I bought the jelly roll for that this week).

I did make quite a few purchases this week:  fabric for the pillowcases, there are leftovers from that.  Then the jelly roll (actually a Bali Pop), with some 1/2 yds and FQ of batik for my jelly roll quilt, and a honey bun because it was really the type of fabric I wanted and couldn't find in a jelly roll.  That will be turned in to something this coming week.

So my numbers are overall moving in the wrong direction, but I'm pleased with what I got, and am happy with my UFO progress so far this year.

In this week:              13.11 yds
Used this week:           6.17 yds

In YTD:                     56.54 yds
Used YTD:                42.43 yds

Net for 2011:             14.11 yds in

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation progress

So far, I've finished the binding on my Mexican Cross - it still needs a label.  I've made binding and have it machine stitched to the Inspiration Round Robin.  And I've made pillowcases for the grandchildren as souvenirs for our zoo trip next week:

I think today, I'll go to The Little Shop.  I haven't been there in a while.  Yesterday, I went to Rachel's.  She has reduced her fabric inventory significantly, but had some really pretty yarns.  I resisted the temptation to get some sock yarn - I've already got way too much sock yarn sitting around waiting to be made into socks.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am now officially on vacation until the 27th!  I've been lazy this morning.  I got up at my usual time, then have been fooling around on the computer most of the morning.  I took advantage of a sale at - buy 3 months membership, get 1 free.  They have a lot of online video lessons - including a lot of longarm lessons/shows by Pam Clarke, Linda Taylor, and others.  So I've spent part of the morning watching longarm videos.  I want to work on some different background fills, so I'm gathering ideas. 

I only have 1/2 of one side left on the binding of my Mexican Cross.  That will be on the to-do list today - to get that finished and make a label.  I don't usually bother with labels for my quilts, but this one is from a long-ago swap, and I want to include a label.  I may go to Madison to The Little Shop (another quilt shop) to see what they have that is interesting.  I want to get some animal fabric to make pillow cases for the grandchildren to remember the zoo trip.   I also want to find a jelly roll of bright spring prints to try the jelly roll 1600 method.  I'm thinking make the strips as a background, then applique big flowers to it. 

Lots to do today...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stash report - week 24 - 12 June 2011

Some sewing and some shopping this week.  Last Sunday, I did Day 2 of the Neutrals Binge.  Then I pieced the backing and loaded my Inspiration Round Robin.  I finished quilting that today.  I still need to find something for binding for that one - probably a dark navy blue or black. 

Out this week:         3.33 yds
Out YTD:              36.27 yds

In this week:          14.28 yds (ouch)
In YTD:                 43.43 yds

Net for 2011:          7.16 yds IN

I expect to be back in the black by the end of the month - I have a week and a half of vacation coming up and I plan to do a lot of sewing!

To see how everyone else is doing, go see Judy at Patchwork Times.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stash report - week 23 - 5 June 2011

This week I got the binding made and on for my Mexican Cross, so used a little more than 1/2 yard for that.  Then I went to the LQS for some neutrals to increase my variety.  I want to make more blocks for my Shakespeare in the Park to have it big enough for the bed.  I didn't have the time I expected for sewing yesterday afternoon, because I had to go in to work 3 hours before I had been planning to.....  but no work today, so I'll get in some sewing time.

I haven't decided if I'm going to go to the Quilters Unlimited show in northern VA today or not.  Depends on how caught up in sewing I get this morning.

For the numbers:
In this week:                  4.63 yds
Out this week:                0.56 yds

In YTD:                        29.15 yds
Out YTD:                     32.93 yds
Net for 2011:                 3.78 yds USED

so I still have a new reduction in stash.  I have vacation coming up in a couple of weeks, and expect to do quite a bit of sewing, so the numbers should get better then.  I'm more interested in using fabric than worried about buying fabric, so I'm happy with where I am.
Check with Judy to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UFO number for June

Judy has drawn #8 for June. My #8 is my Shakespeare in the Park. Right now, I have all the blocks made for the twin size that is the way the pattern is presented in the book. I put it away at that point when I decided that I like it well enough to want to put this on my bed. So now I need to cut out and piece a lot more blocks. The good news is I have a week's vacation coming up later this month with only one day committed to something else. It would be really great to have most of the piecing done so this could be quilted that week. If DH really goes out riding somewhere for the weekend, I might get a start on that. Pulling those fabrics will also give me a chance to cut squares for my friend Marianne's ivory charms. That will follow putting the trimming, making the binding and putting it on to finish the Mexican Cross.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stash report - week 22, 29 May 2011

 Another no-sewing week.  Too many crazy hours at work.

Added this week:              0 yds
Used this week:                0 yds

Added YTD:             24.53 yds
Used YTD:               31.95 yds

Net for 2011:              7.42 yds OUT

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dance the afternoon away....

At last month's Nationals, we took a workshop with Garry Gekhman, one of the judges for the competition.  "Every Man's Dream" was a workshop on leading and following.  In that one-hour group lesson, we learned SO MUCH basic information.  It resulted in a fundamental change in our dancing.  Since Garry is located only 2 hours from us, we asked if it would be possible to get a coaching/lesson with him.  That was what we did today - a 2 1/4 hr dance lesson with Garry Gekhman.  What a wonderful experience!  Exhilarating and humbling all at once.  It was only AFTER the lesson that I thought about the fact that I'd spent a significant part of the lesson time dancing with a World Vice Champion dancer.  OMGosh! 

Another round of fundamental change in my dance frame, which is going to take quite a while to replace what is already in muscle memory.  And I found out that I've been dancing the spin turn wrong - no wonder it was so hard for us to get around....But I think I understand, at least intellectually, what he was asking me to do, so practice will tell. 

Changes to dance frame and hold, head position, natural turn, spin turn, promenade link in Tango, chase, turning lock, chasse to the right, oh, just about everything we tried.  And that was just dancing waltz and tango.  We learned a trick to get to promenade position when you get interrupted - cool. The one positive thing was that we tend to use heels and toes properly....

Well, we've got a lot of practicing to do before we schedule another lesson.  But not tonight - my feet are going to rebel if I put them back into high heels tonight, LOL.

will be dreaming of dancing tonight....

Stash report - week 21, 22 May 2011

Nothing quilty happening here this week.  My numbers stay the same as last week:

In this week:            0 yds
Used this week:       0 yds

In YTD:                 24.53 yds
Used YTD:            31.95 yds

Net for 2011:           7.42 yds used

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stash report - week 20, 15 May 2011

Another busy week.  I have done some quilting/sewing this weekend, but most was on already-counted fabric.  I spent yesterday afternoon working on the quilting for my #4 UFO - the Mexican Cross.  I am at the point that I need to put the extended plate on the machine so I can do continuous curve quilting in the 9-patch sections of the blocks, then get out the seam ripper to fix the feather sections with poor tension.  Also still need to so the borders.  Those now look rippled because the batting is fluffy and the center of the quilt is quilted.  I should have done the stay - stitching on the very edges first on all the sides, but I just stay-stitched the inside of the border. 

Today, I made a dance shoe bag for DH.  I even monogrammed it with a "dance shoes" alphabet - the letters have footprints and directions, like the Arthur Murray instructions.  That's my total fabric use for the week.

In this week:         0      yds
Out this week:      0.43 yds

In YTD:              24.53 yds
Out YTD:           31.95 yds

Net for 2011:        7.42 yds stash used.

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stash report - week 19, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, and to my mother, in particular. 

Not much yardage used this week.  I finished the hand stitching on the binding for my UFO #1 yesterday, so that's now done and on my bed.  But all the fabric was counted for that already.
This morning, I made a snappy bag for my mom for Mother's day, so that's a yard out of the stash.  No fabric shopping trips this week, so I'm back to heading in the right direction.

In this week:               0      yds
In YTD:                    24.53 yds

Out this week:            1      yd
Out YTD:                 31.95 yds

Net for 2011:              7.42 yds OUT

Check with Judy to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

UFO for May

Judy pulled the number for May's UFO - #9.  Checking my list, my #9 is the Quilt Bug mystery - and it's already finished!  So I'll focus on finishing #1 and #4 - I'm behind in those. 
This evening, I've been hand stitching the binding on my #1 UFO - and have gotten half-way done.  So I should be able to finish that this week while we watch TV. 

My #4 is currently on the quilting machine (Mexican Cross).  It's about 1/3 way there.  I need to tear out part of the stitching that's on there now because of poor tension, but I'll wield the seam ripper after I finish the rest of the quilting.  I worked on that a bit today before we went out to eat. 

Stash report - week 18, 1 May 2011

It's been a busy week this week.  Dance lessons three nights takes up a lot of the available evening time.  But I took Friday as a vacation day and went to two quilting workshops at the local quilt shop.  Debbie Brown is a fun teacher.  The first workshop was on feathers - how to design them into your quilting.  We learned ideas for making feather borders, feathers in squares and triangles, in sashings, and in those really large setting squares you get with lone star-type quilts.  Debbie had lots of sample quilts to pass around - all really pretty.  The second workshop was a "how should I quilt this" lesson.  We each brought quilt tops that we hung up and talked about what designs to use for quilting.  Debbie used quilters preview paper to draw out ideas for spaces on the quilt.  I took two tops - my Mexican Cross, and my SVQG inspiration round robin.  I came home with plans for quilting both of those.  Watching and talking about what to put on each quilt that was hung helped with how to look at a quilt to decide what to put on it.  If I have a chance, I'll take more workshops from Debbie. 

Yesterday, I put the Mexican Cross on the frame and got started quilting.  I'm using So Fine thread, because I didn't want the heavy thread look of the King Tut.  I put in a new needle, and checked the tension on both the bobbin and the top, and started quilting.  It was going OK, but I was breaking thread more than I wanted to.  I decided I needed to check the timing, since I had gone down in needle size.  So I retimed, then I saw the next page of the manual, and thought I might need to replace my tension spring, so I did that.  Got everything going again, and had awful tension problems - lots of birds nests underneath unless I hand the top tension cranked as high as it would go, then I'd still occasionally get an eyelash underneath.  So I retimed again, and took out and redid the check spring a couple of times.  I've finally got the machine stitching nicely with good tension again, so I'm making better progress now.  It's taking a long time - first because I'm using 3 different threads - I'll stitch a few passes with one color, then roll back up and stitch that area with the second color, then go on to the third.  I also spent a lot of time taking out bad stitching.  I still have a few sets of feathers in setting triangles to tear back out, but I'll get to them after I finish with the rest of the quilting. 

While I was at the LQS yesterday buying thread and batting, I picked up yardage for the backing to the round robin, so that's my fabric in this week.  Out was a little more pink and brown for the borders for the Mexican Cross, plus the wide backing for Mexican Cross.

In this week:             4      yds
In YTD:                  24.53 yds

Out this week:          3.76 yds
Out YTD:               30.95 yds

Net for 2011:           6.42 yds OUT

Check with Judy to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stash report - week 17, 24 April 2011

I've done some sewing since last week.  On Sunday afternoon, I quilted my Judy Martin swap quilt - all queen size of it.  I always have to hem and haw about how to quilt a top.  I decided on an overall leaf meander.  I used King Tut thread top and bottom - I love the way it turned out.  Then I went out of town for most of the week, and didn't do any more sewing until Saturday.  I made binding and put it on the Judy Martin swap quilt (UFO #1).

While I was out of town, I stopped at a new-to-me quilt shop and bought a brown with pink flowers, and a brown/pink print to use for borders for my #4 UFO - a Mexican Cross quilt.  I pulled that out on Saturday after getting the binding onto UFO #1, and the pinks just didn't work.  I was able to find a pink in the stash that would work, and looked fine with the brown-with-pink-flowers, so I've got the borders all as one long set of brown-pink-brown.  I still need to press the top and then get the borders cut and attached.  I'm going to put 9-patches in the corners.  I think it will mirror the middle of the Mexican Cross blocks.

No quilting today - we're going to DMIL's for Easter services and lunch.  

So, some in, some out this week.

Added this week:             4      yds
Added YTD:                  20.53 yds

Used this week:               4.46 yds
Used YTD:                    27.67 yds

Net for 2011:                   7.14 yds USED

Check in with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

stash report - week 16, 17 April 2011

Very little sewing was done this week.  I finished a set of swap blocks and got those in the mail yesterday.  Yesterday also included a trip to the LQS so that I could get some thread for quilting my #1 UFO.  While I was there, I picked up 1/2 yard of a brown tone-on-tone that I need for a swap that is due in August. 

In this week:         0.5 yds
In YTD:            16.53 yds

Out this week:          0 yds
Out YTD:          22.96 yds

Net for 2011:       6.43 yds reduced stash  so I'm still ahead, even though I've added more than I've used over the last month.

UFO challenge - in March, I put together my #1 UFO so that it is now a flimsy ready for quilting.  That MAY get loaded on the longarm today - I've got backing and batting that will work for it in the stash.  I also pulled out April's UFO #4 yesterday - it's a hand-pieced Mexican star in pink and brown.  This one was a swap when I was in high school - a few people included the date in their signatures - 1974!!  It has no borders, and is about 67 x  84 as it is.  I may just quilt it without borders, but have it draped out to look at and decide on.

Pop on over to Judy's to see how everyone else is coming with their stash this week.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stash report - week 12, March 20, 2011

Nothing happening on the sewing front this week.  Life was too busy at work during the week.  I left early Friday afternoon, thinking I would do some sewing, and decided to take a nap instead.  I had stopped by the LQS wanting to get some nice bright cheery spring fabric, but thought about what I have sitting in the drawers at home, and changed my mind.  Not that I HAVE a stash of bright cheery spring fabric, mind you, but I have other colors that could be made into something. 

Yesterday was spent car shopping, then at a dance, so no sewing yesterday either.  Today will be spent watching the Dukes play in the NCAA tournament in Charlottesville.  The best part is that DS is up from North Carolina, and DD will come with at least 2 of the grandchildren, and younger DS will go with us, as well.  Lots of cheering to be done!

So the numbers for this week:

Used this week:                0 yds
Used YTD:                    21.73 yds

In this week:                     0 yds
In YTD:                           11 yds

Net for 2011:                    10.73 yds OUT

Check in with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stash report - week 11, 12 March 2011

I got to sew yesterday, and used from the stash.  I'm not counting the sashing for the Judy Martin quilt, because that was cut some time ago.  I used background fabric for the Cindy Carter Spring Mystery - and lots of nickels, which I won't count.

So for the numbers:

Used this week:     1.36 yds
Added this week:        0 yds

Used YTD:          21.73 yds
Added YTD:        11.00 yds

Net for 2011:       10.73 yds used

Check with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A good day

I finally got home from Pennsylvania around noon today.  On the way back, I stopped at a new-to-me quilt shop - Shenandoah Sew n Vac in Woodstock.  It was small, but had some nice fabrics.  I resisted getting any.  I also stopped at Patchwork Plus as I got home, thinking I'd like to get a jelly roll to have a head start on making something else out of the Scrap Basket books, but then decided I really didn't need to buy anything there, either.

Cindy Carter is running a mystery quilt this weekend, so I decided I'd make that one.  The scrappy version uses lots of 5" squares, plus a background fabric.  I pulled a white-on-white from the stash as background, and a bunch of red, yellow and orange nickels from the drawer.  This is going to be one bright quilt.  Right now, the mystery is through clue 3, and I'm caught up.  I'm making the baby/lap size. 

In between steps, I've been working on my Judy Martin swap blocks UFO - #1 on my list.  It was to the point of needing the long horizontal sashing.  That's never one of my favorite parts of a quilt, but I've got it all put together now.  I'm trying to decide if it needs an outside border or not.  It's currently about 93 inches square. 

While I sewed this afternoon, I listed to the JMU women's basketball team beat VCU to advance to the finals of the CAA tournament.  I could have watched the game on TV, but prefer to listen to David.  Way to go, Dukes!  Listening to the finals will keep me company while I do some sewing tomorrow, as well.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Championships 2011

A good competition for us.  It felt like the best we've ever danced.  Our placements were good - we made 3 of 4 finals, and had a 3rd place in Sr1 Silver Standard, 6th place in Sr2 Silver Standard, and 5th place in Sr2 Gold Standard.  We were 9th in Sr1 Gold Standard.  Altogether, these were our best results yet.  Changing our dance frame and the technique differences that has created are starting to pay off.

On the "still to work on" side, looking at the video shows that there are still some fundamental things that need fixing - I kept dropping my right elbow.  I think I was letting myself get too centered in turning figures.  And, darn it, I was looking down still in the promenade sections of the tango oversway---I was even thinking - "look up".  Of course, when I watch the video, I see the things I did wrong, rather than the things I did well.

Judges' marks were all over the place - which also suggests that we were being inconsistent in how we danced.  One dance may have been rated anywhere from 2nd to 7th depending on the judge - which may mean either something particular the judge looks for, or what we happened to be doing when the judge was looking at us.  More fodder for Karen at our lessons for the next few weeks.  

We have six weeks until Nationals, so there's time to focus on a couple of key points (like more of "stay left") between now and then.  I think this also calls for some routine gym time between now and then.  Dancing silver and gold means more dances, and I was about done in by the time we were finished.

The weekend was fun.  The new venue was beautiful (North Bethesda Marriott).  We had the largest floor we've ever had for a competition, and this only used half of the Marriott's Grand Ballroom.  It was great having David's sister, Kathy, come with us again this year.   There was beautiful dancing to watch while we weren't dancing ourselves. 

Stash report - week 9, February 27

It's been a busy week.  I did get my Johnny Jump Ups quilt quilted, and used some stash to make the binding.  I got that applied on Friday afternoon, and started stitching it down before we had to leave for Bethesda.  That will be my project for this afternoon - to finish that binding, so the quilt is done.

IN this week:                  0 yds
IN YTD:                    11.0 yds

OUT this week:         0.44 yds
OUT YTD:              20.37 yds

NET for 2011:           9.37 yds BUSTED

Check out Judy L's blog to see how everyone else is doing with their stash report for the week.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stash report - week 8, February 20

I got some sewing time yesterday, and made progress on my #10 - the fall tablerunner.  I hope to have that finished today.  Yesterday I got it quilted and made and applied the binding.  It's ready to have the binding hand sewn on the back, which I plan to work on during the road trip to Delaware for the women's basketball game.

Once I got the tablerunner to the point I wanted it, I put borders on my Johnny Jump Ups top I started last weekend.  I also made and loaded a backing for it, and picked up batting and quilting thread in a pretty yellow King Tut.  I think I'm going to do a meander with butterflies for the quilting.

The 2 yds in were a purple crocus print intended as a border for the Johnny Jump Ups, but I decided not to use it for that, and instead used stash.  The purple crocuses ended up on the back of Johnny Jump Ups, along with some green from the stash.

Since the borders, most of the backings and bindings were all from stash, I made a nice dent in my stash report for the week:

In this week:                    2 yds
Used this week:              7.25 yds

In YTD:                          11 yds
Used YTD:                     19.92 yds

Net for 2011:                   8.92 yds OUT

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stash report - week 7, February 13

I decided to start a new quilt yesterday, and used all stash for the top, so I my numbers are moving in the right direction.  I got Kim Brackett's new book, Scrap Basket Sensations - I like all the quilts in it.  The "Flowers for Nana Girl" reminded me of pansies - so I cut that from all purples for the flowers, and added yellow centers.  I used leftover sage greens for the background, and a dark green for the leaves.  All of the cutting was finished yesterday, and I got the blocks put together.  This morning I made the pieced sashing, and got the top put together.  Now I need to look in the stash to see what I can find for a border.  I have a top of pretty Johnny Jump-Ups.

My report for this week:

In this week:                    0 yds
Used this week:          2.78 yds

In YTD:                           9 yds
Used YTD:               12.67 yds

Net YTD:                   3.67 yds OUT

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stash report - week 6, 6 February 2011

I finally pieced the backing for my NYE mystery.  I cut up the blocks of the Spot Loves Colors panel and pieced them randomly into strips of the tone-on-tone red, green and blue left over from the top.  I also cut and prepared the binding.  The quilt is loaded on the longarm ready to be quilted.  I think I'm going to do a meander that is color words.  I need to look in my thread drawer to see what would be good for this.

As for my stash, I had a coupon from the LQS for fat quarters at a volume discount, so went in planning to get 20 fat quarters (at $1.50 each - good price).  But all they had were some blenders - the batiks weren't included in the special.  I had wanted to get some pretty prints.  So all I got was the batt I needed for my NYE mystery. 

This week's numbers:
In this week:                     0 yds
Out this week:                 2.13 yds

In YTD:                           9.00 yds
Out YTD:                        9.89 yds

Net for 2011:                   0.89 yds OUT - I'm actually in the "busted" category :>

Check in with Judy L to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFO #6 Complete

Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times is running a UFO Challenge for the year.  Each month, she picks a number, and you are challenged to complete that number UFO on your list.  I have my list with my top 12 selected on my sidebar.  January's number was 6.  For me, #6 was a wallhanging I made as part of a challenge on the Yahoo group, The Quilting Post.  We had a particular challenge fabric we had to use.  I chose to make a fractured panel out of the fabric, and used that as the focal point for a "stained glass window" or "garden gate" style quilt. All it needed was quilting and binding.  I finished the binding the first week of January, but it took me until this past weekend to actually get all the loose thread ends clipped.

Here it is finished:

And a close-up of the "fractured" panel in the center:

This is done by cutting multiple repeats of the same section of fabric, and then subcutting each one from a slightly different starting place, then sewing those repeats all together.    The side panels are of the challenge fabric.  I really like how this turned out.  I took it in to the office on Monday and have it hanging on my office wall.

See how everyone else did with their January challenge here.
February's number is 10 - for me, my fall tablerunner.  I need to trim the sides, quilt and bind. So that will probably be my sewing for Saturday - maybe I can have it ready to hand stitch down binding during the Superbowl.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stash report - week 5, 30 jan 2011

Not much sewing here this week.  I did get in some stitching time today.  Fabric used was for a block to contribute to a love quilt for a friend undergoing cancer treatment.  While I stopped by the LQS on my way home from work Friday, with the full intent of buying something bright and cheerful, I went home empty-handed.  I didn't see anything that had to come home with me.  And today, I decided not to take a trip across the mountain to the shop in Charlottesville - instead, I stayed home and sewed down the binding on the quilt I've been trying to get finished, while listening to the basketball game. 

Used this week:  0.25 yds
In this week:        0 yds

Used YTD:         7.76 yds
In YTD:              9.00 yds

Net for 2011:   1.24 yds IN

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready for spring

OK, so I'm a wimp.  We had anywhere from 4 - 10 inches of snow in our area yesterday.  I was prepared to stay at work, but wasn't needed there last night, so decided to come home.  Unfortunately, I waited until almost 5:00 to leave, right at the height of the storm.  Luckily, I was in the truck with 4 wheel drive.  I never would have tried it in my Miata.  The roads had been plowed and treated with chemicals at some point, but were in terrible shape.  I drove at around 25 mph into town - a trip that usually takes 20 minutes, took closer to an hour.  The road had one vague track to it.  With one of the main thoroughfares that bad, I decided not to even try the smaller country road coming out to our house.  Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I checked into a hotel in town, then called DH to tell him that I was staying in town.

I did have my quilt that just needs the binding stitched on the back with me, and managed to finish one side last night.  So that was a good outcome.   The roads were drivable this morning, and it warmed up enough to have mostly bare pavement by tonight.  We're supposed to have snow again next week - I'm ready for spring!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stash report - week 4, 23 Jan 2011

My stash report was going to be nothing in/nothing out, but I went to the LQS yesterday to get fabric to bind the Quilt Bug mystery.   This was my first actual fabric purchase for the year (my other "add" was fabric gifted to me for Christmas). I got the binding cut and sewn on by machine, now that will be my hand-stitching project in the evenings for a while.

This week's report:
In this week:            1 yd
Used this week:       0.5 yd

In YTD:                   9 yd
Out YTD:                7.51 yd
Net for 2011:           1.49 yd IN

My numbers are still on the acquiring side, but I'm pleased with the amount I'm actually using.
Go by Judy's blog, to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stash Report - Week 3, 16 January 2011

It was a really busy week this week, so not much sewing. In spite of that, I did manage to use some fabric. I finally found where I had stashed my appliqué project case, and have been using my little 6" heart blocks as take-along handwork. I cut ore neutral background squares for hearts to bring for the trip to New York. Unfortunately, I only managed to stitch one heart on the way up here Friday. The roads were too bumpy to do nice stitching easily.

This week's report:

In this week: 0 yds
Used this week: 0.77 yds
In YTD: 8 yds
Used YTD: 7 yds
Net for 2011: 1 yd added

Go see Judy L. To see how everyone else is doing this week.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dancing in New York

This weekend is the Manhattan Amateur Classic in New York. We danced Senior 1 and Senior 2 Silver and Gold Standard. We didn't get to the ballroom as far ahead of our first heat as we usually do - and they were running 20 minutes ahead of schedule. We were there in plenty of time to dance, but we didn't get as much warm-up as we normally do. I think it threw us off a bit mentally. And it was a crowded floor, so we did not dance as well in our first heat as we would have liked (Sr 1 Silver). We danced better in Sr 2 Silver- even though that floor was even more crowded. We advanced from the quarter-final to the semi-final, but did not make the final. There were a lot of good dancers. Our gold heats were both full seven-couple finals. We did our best dancing of the day. We finished sixth in both gold heats. I'm happy with those finishes. We definitely danced better than at last year's MAC. So that's progress. We did not translate all of the technique we've been working on onto the competition floor, but we did make some improvements.

Last night's Sr Championship level Standard rounds were very enjoyable. And Adult Championship Latin and Youth Championship Standard were awesome as usual. Tonight is the Adult Championship Standard and the Youth Championship Latin- more awesome dancing to watch!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stash report - 9 Jan - wk 2

It's Week 2 of the new year for stash reporting.  It's been a good week for me.  I went to the LQS to buy thread, and saw the cutest print with the "Spot's Colors" group that would make a backing for the NYE mystery, but decided not to get that since I have enough left-overs from the front to piece a back.  I finished quilting my Quilt Bug New Years (2008?) mystery.  And I quilted and have the binding applied to my TQP Challenge quilt.  Today's sewing will be hand stitching the binding on the TQP Challenge quilt, and some applique hearts that are also on the UFO list - nice handwork for in the car.

So this week's report:
Purchased this week:                   0 yds
Used this week:                           1.79 yds
Purchased (gift in)YTD:               8 yds
Used YTD:                                   6.23 yds
Net for 2011:                                1.79 yds in

Go check with Judy L at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

UFO #6

I pulled out UFO #6 this week - it's my challenge quilt from The Quilting Post from several years ago.  I couldn't find the leftover challenge fabric I had intended to use for the backing, so I pulled something else from the stash.  This isn't a very large quilt - about 28 x 43.  The quilting is finished, and it's unloaded.  Now it needs trimming and binding.  If I can get the binding on, it might be a good project for in the car on the way to the basketball game tomorrow. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stash Report - 2 Jan 2011 - wk 1

The first week of 2011, and I have some stashbusting to report.  Used yardage is for the backing for the Quilt Bug New Year's Mystery from 2008.  I finally got that loaded on the longarm.  Quilting is not quite done yet, but I count my yardage as I use it. 
Editing my original post - I forgot to add in the backing fabric my mom gave me for  Christmas yesterday.

In this week:           0 yds
Out this week:      4.4 yds
In YTD:                  8 yds
Out YTD:             4.4 yds
Net for 2011:        3.6 yds

I don't plan to NOT buy fabric this year, but I am going to make an effort to use the fabric I already have - I liked it when I bought it, so I ought to use it!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year, a new (old) project

Well, it's the first of the month, so Judy at Patchwork Times has picked this month's number out of the bag:  the first UFO focus project for the year is #6 - for me, that's my TQP Challenge project.  This is ready to be quilted, and the quilting will be used to secure the fusible applique.

Before I get to that one, I need to finish the quilting for the project that's currently on the longarm - that one is actually #9 on my list - the QuiltBug mystery from New Year's Day, 2008.  I'm almost finished with the quilting - I have 3 sides left of the inner border, then the outer border, and the quilting will be done.  I plan to get lots of things quilted this year!