Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stash report - week 17, 24 April 2011

I've done some sewing since last week.  On Sunday afternoon, I quilted my Judy Martin swap quilt - all queen size of it.  I always have to hem and haw about how to quilt a top.  I decided on an overall leaf meander.  I used King Tut thread top and bottom - I love the way it turned out.  Then I went out of town for most of the week, and didn't do any more sewing until Saturday.  I made binding and put it on the Judy Martin swap quilt (UFO #1).

While I was out of town, I stopped at a new-to-me quilt shop and bought a brown with pink flowers, and a brown/pink print to use for borders for my #4 UFO - a Mexican Cross quilt.  I pulled that out on Saturday after getting the binding onto UFO #1, and the pinks just didn't work.  I was able to find a pink in the stash that would work, and looked fine with the brown-with-pink-flowers, so I've got the borders all as one long set of brown-pink-brown.  I still need to press the top and then get the borders cut and attached.  I'm going to put 9-patches in the corners.  I think it will mirror the middle of the Mexican Cross blocks.

No quilting today - we're going to DMIL's for Easter services and lunch.  

So, some in, some out this week.

Added this week:             4      yds
Added YTD:                  20.53 yds

Used this week:               4.46 yds
Used YTD:                    27.67 yds

Net for 2011:                   7.14 yds USED

Check in with Judy at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing this week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

stash report - week 16, 17 April 2011

Very little sewing was done this week.  I finished a set of swap blocks and got those in the mail yesterday.  Yesterday also included a trip to the LQS so that I could get some thread for quilting my #1 UFO.  While I was there, I picked up 1/2 yard of a brown tone-on-tone that I need for a swap that is due in August. 

In this week:         0.5 yds
In YTD:            16.53 yds

Out this week:          0 yds
Out YTD:          22.96 yds

Net for 2011:       6.43 yds reduced stash  so I'm still ahead, even though I've added more than I've used over the last month.

UFO challenge - in March, I put together my #1 UFO so that it is now a flimsy ready for quilting.  That MAY get loaded on the longarm today - I've got backing and batting that will work for it in the stash.  I also pulled out April's UFO #4 yesterday - it's a hand-pieced Mexican star in pink and brown.  This one was a swap when I was in high school - a few people included the date in their signatures - 1974!!  It has no borders, and is about 67 x  84 as it is.  I may just quilt it without borders, but have it draped out to look at and decide on.

Pop on over to Judy's to see how everyone else is coming with their stash this week.